Service Plans

(A.1) Inspection (Plan D) is the precondition of all other service plans. Only after a proper inspection, a reasonable quotation and working plan can be arranged between TAOOFHK and the Customer. If the service plan needs to be changed, TAOOFHK will make a decision whether an extra inspection should be booked.
(A.2) All cleaners will provide the required equipment and chemicals listed in TAOOFHK’s quotation report, except for the items included in the Total Sanitisation Package (where applicable).
(A.3) After the on-site inspection, TAOOFHK will brief the summary to the Customer. After any inspection fee which may be payable is received by TAOOFHK, TAOOFHK will provide the electric copy of full cleaning plan and quotation to the Customer.
(A.4) Subject to the terms of the Agreement.
(A.5) Specialised services including carpet/upholstery steam cleaning, hard floor pressure cleaning, glass scratch removal, and Services needing specific equipment and specific technical treatments.